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Hunting for the future

Saturday, January 21, 2012

10:42AM - things are good

I'm in SF at the moment...
The woman (named Kendra) is still in Boston...
we have various stuff to figure out about timing and geography...

I've been here for about a week now, about a week left till I head back to her/Boston.

But yes this is a disjointed message to say things are still going really well.

I miss her lots but we are staying in touch.

Of all the times I've been in love...
I've never felt both this crazy about someone... yet at the same time felt completely reasonable.

When I get back to Boston we will only have a few weeks together before she heads to Hong Kong for 6 weeks to teach. That's going to be a bit hard. But...

This is the most optimistic I've ever been about the future.

kthxbye ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

11:20PM - Very short summary

I met a woman.
Well, more accurately, connected with a woman who I've been interested in for some months now.

She's really incredible.
Smart, fun, communicative. Driven to make the world a better place.

About 3 weeks in and we are still both utterly floored with joy to be in each others lives.

I've never felt like I've occupied the same headspace with someone so quickly.
It is pretty magical.

I'm truly happy for the first time in a long time.
I feel inspired and ready to do new things.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

11:53PM - Hi!

Hi & Happy New Year!

Sorry I've disappeared...

I'm trying to get my life together so I can make some big moves.

Felt like I was missing something to pull it all together.

Anyways maybe found it...

Anyways just wanted to let you all know finally I think I'm on the edge of everything lining up for me to finally be... happy...

it's weird :)

Anyways we'll see what happens. I'll let you know!

I just want to thank all of you, those I see and those I don't.

More soon...

Monday, April 25, 2011

11:35PM - By the way, I am now "Website Official" at my new job :)



I'm on Staff now.

4 people on staff.

3 MIT grads, 2 are MIT PHD (or in progress) and me.

Looks like I found the back door in to MIT :)


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

11:31AM - What's up!?

Hi all!

So I tried to post something a while ago but for some reason was thwarted.

I know it's been forever since I've posted here but I do still read every few days.

Stuff -

• There was a story on NPR about my Sustainable Sound (aka lowRes) project!
Lots of attention from that but I'm a little fried from below things so it's hard to keep up

• I've been Teaching (we call it coaching actually) at this... alternative immersive hands on studio based high school
replacement called NuVu - nuvustudio.org Topics have included "Dancing Robots"...and they like me so have
offered me essentially a staff position (most of the coaches just come in for a 2 week course).
This is at least initially in Boston so it will be keeping me Bicostal for a fair while... they wanted me full time
but I need to be in SF for my "sanity" if you can call it that ;)

• SF stuff proceeds exponentially... we have received as I understand it, our permit for Live/Work/Entertainment
variance, so we can do the types of things that happen at the Glitch Loft, only legally and more epicly as we
have a 20 year lease on a warehouse in SoMA

•Just came back from back to back trips to New Orleans/Baton Rouge and Austin Texas.
Baton Rouge was for NuVu, New Orleans was to explore for a few days...
Austin Texas was to help my friends from VerminStreet.com (Boston based art/music label) throw a party at SXSW.
I liked Austin a lot. New Orleans didn't grab me... it was somehow too normal.

So yeah stuff like that!

That's the main stuff for the moment I think... I maybe repeated some of it from other posts but it's hard to say.

Monday, January 31, 2011

3:56PM - Mooninite Anniversary Internet show tonight @8PM eastern

Happy Anniversary!
1/31 Never Forget!

Tonight 8PM Eastern Zebbler and I will be on a Live Streaming Internet show called "The Latest With" at www.thelatestwith.com. Hosted By Simone Klein... We'll be discussing the Moonininte Fiasco, and what we've been up to since then. Tune in and check it out, it should be fun!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

6:05PM - updates, by temporal relevance

On a plane to the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you would like a visit, perhaps send me an e-mail (i@seanstevens.com) with your contact/address info or comment here.

I would likely be happy to crash with you as well, though I may not specifically NEED additional places to stay.

I have no idea what is going on with this girl person that I like.
On some levels things seem a lot like they were.
on other levels I feel a giant whole where something is missing.
my heart definitely feels broken and I am trying to move on.

uhh... So I'm teaching a class in january.


that's all for now!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

10:30PM - went on a date from OKcupid.

It was not traumatic.
but also not that exciting.

had some good conversation, but other than that not too much.

Perhaps I will try again!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

12:33AM - I've got fail!

needless drama, check.
unhappy with (first iteration of) project, Check.
maybe found what I've always wanted and then maybe fucked it up with needless drama, check.
broke up with girlfriend, check.

Maybe I can start over a bit in a while... right now I don't have anything left.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1:26PM - Quick Update of me

Leaving for Burning Man tomorrow.
This will be #6 in a row for me.

This year for Burning Man, I'm bringing lowRes... by far the biggest project I've ever worked on.

Amazingly it's been mostly sponsored by donations... I've raised I think over $11,000 in about 5 months!

Thanks to everyone out there who's donated or told people about the project :)

It's been sort of a trying last few months, finishing (well mostly) lowRes, and also a number of changes or potential changes in my life happening all at once.

It's definitely pushing me to grow and reassess myself, I just hope it all works out (sorry to be vague, issues of the heart and all).
I was really hoping to have lowRes finished before going out to Burning Man, but instead I would have needed another few days (as is often the case) despite heroic efforts by some friends in the last week or so.
Not that I mind working on the Playa, but I was FRIED (up 36+ hours) by the time of truck load... and since it wasn't finished that means I had to bring a ton of extra stuff I might need instead of just disassembling and putting it into boxes.

oh well it will be OK, we have early arrival passes.
life is a bit weird at the moment but I guess I'm used to that!
See some of you on the Playa -

I'll be camped somewhere around 4 and probably C or D... come see me and come for a ride on lowRes!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2:30PM - lowRes update!

Hi All!

So my alternative energy art project, lowRes, the pedal powered party bus for Burning Man continues to progress!

Had a great time at Firefly with the upgraded sound system & 6 pedal stations... I was as loud as pretty much any other camp there :)

Tested the prototype drivetrain this weekend powered by two people pedaling and it worked fairly well, considering the level of prototype-ness (no bearings etc)

Anyways two people were able to make it go up a slight incline with a fair bit of work.

Having a Fundraiser at the Western Front in Cambridge Thursday the 22nd, $5, a bunch of cool DJs and you can come pedal some of the lowRes LED array...

And of course Fundraising continues, this being the final push before the truck loads.
I've raised $8500 (including what I've personally put in) and am trying to raise about another $2500 in the next two weeks.

Anyways - Please Donate if you haven't (and are so inclined), and/or let people know :)

http://lowRes.info has more details!

Thanks for all of your support, and I hope to see some of you at Burning Man this year... if not sooner!

BTW come find me on Facebook/twitter if you want to keep up with me more - I keep up with LJ but haven't posted much.

Hope you all are well!

Friday, June 18, 2010

10:07AM - Artisan's Asylum Opening Party

See the details at artisansasylum.com/

I'll be there probably for a short while.

I'll have a few pieces set up, including a very small part of lowRes, my pedal powered... uh giant party bus :)

site for that is http://lowRes.info

Hope all are well!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

11:20AM - Oh Hai! Little fundaiser-party-demo for my lowRes project TONIGHT

Hi All!

I need to get better about, advance notice!

Hope to see some of you there! If not don't worry there will be more :)

Anyways- Tonight come hang out if you want and see what I've been up to:

POST PROSPERITY ::: feat. Sean Stevens' lowRes, a Pedal-Powered Dance Party
::: Sustainable Sound at the End of the World
Saturday, May 29, 2010
10:30pm - 1:30am

Human powered Sound, Lighting and Video.
With Sustainable Sound, the lowRes sound system

Pumping the bike pedals will generate electricity for the speakers and lights. The party is entirely powered by alternative energy!

music by:
Professor Pious (Lost in Bass)
Lucid Gamma (aka my girlfriend ;)

*All proceeds from the event will be donated to funding the creation of LowRes, the Alternative Energy mobile dance party.

Experience the Power of Alternative Energy.
Learn more and donate online at http://lowRes.info/
::: a Sean Stevens project :::

::: a Vermin Street production ::: http://www.verminstreet.com/

Thursday, April 15, 2010

12:02PM - lowRes reminder and update :)

I just received word that Firefly will be contributing $560 to lowRes via an art grant, which I'm very proud of!
(At Firefly lowRes will be something non-vehicular, no time to design tank treads for July :)

Especially as lowRes germinated from three other Firefly Art grants of mine, Sustainable Sound, Solar Line & P4... Which of course are an integral parts of lowRes :)

So lowRes is now almost 15% Funded... That's $2451 out of a total $16,800 budget in 23 days.
Many of you have contributed already, Thank you so much!

The distillation of the concepts of lowRes I think should allow a pretty reasonable 4-6 person playa worthy vehicle for perhaps $1200 if you recycle some bike parts. A bit more if you want to be lazy by day and add some solar power :)

Of course I'm going for something bigger and more versatile, we will see where I get ;)

Please spread the word about http://lowRes.info I want to take this as far as I can

Check out the blog on the website... I just got the first shipment of parts and have prototyped the new pedal generator that is basically completely silent and very efficient.

it's gonna be awesome!

Current mood: accomplished

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

11:35AM - Where have I been, you ask?

So, Aside from being pretty busy with work, I've been planning my next major project for the six months or so.

I'm finally ready to soft-launch (aka to friends for now, trying for actual publicity next week) the initial website...


lowRes is short for Low Resource, in that it doesn't require any fuel.

It's a (Hopefully) internet-community funded, Pedal and Solar powered art car and alternative energy showpiece.
It's for Burning Man, Firefly, Figment, Honk and it's own events.

Please take a moment to check it out.
Consider donating if you can afford to.

I'll certainly remind people when I'm ready to go fully public with it, and I'll ask for help with that when it's time.

And please let me know in the comments here if there's anything obviously wrong with the site or it's content.

I plan to move the whole thing to a CMS or wordpress in the not too distant future but for now just need to get it out there.

Much love to all of you.

Current mood: accomplished

Thursday, February 25, 2010

1:01AM - difference in attitude

Boston: We did it because we had to do it to survive.
San Francisco Area: We did it because we thought it would be Awesome.

(Also mega-Thank-You to [info]longueur
 & [info]bluepapercup & Nick for hospitality!)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

10:54PM - San Fran/West Coast Visit!

Wow, I haven't posted here in a while, I still read it every day though :)

You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter, where I'm a bit more active.


San Francisco/West Coast People -
Sarah (My Girlfriend) and I will be coming to visit from Feb 17th to March 1st...
So if you wanna Host us/let us crash for a few nights or longer, hang out or whatever, please let me know!

We plan on exploring and doing fun things.
We also welcome suggestions of cool stuff to see/do.

Less expensive is better but, we're open to possibilities.

Uhh, what else?

Work's been busy after being really slow for a while, which is good.

I'm planning to build a pedal powered electric art car for Burning Man this year.
With a soundsystem and lights of course.
I should probably get on that.
I've started prototyping and planning but time goes fast, especially I'm realizing since i'll be away for half of February.

Current mood: good

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

4:05PM - home

Right now I'm about 36880 feet in the air, heading east on an airplane.

I'm just coming back from Burning Man, 2009... an event perhaps 4 weeks ago I didn't think I going to attend...

Despite missing my lovely sweet girlfriend cybercrunchies, my long time co-burner sensesurfer... and pretty much failing to hang out with dearest friend bluepapercup... and the usual making myself miserable looking for cuddles and not really succeeding...

I managed to have a really wonderful time!

The Vibe was really great, and there was a ton of art...

I explored a lot more and found some music camps I really enjoyed.

I was done setting up my art, Sustainable Sound Version 3 (well I decided I was done) by Monday night.
I would have been by Monday Morning but my ride was slow so I lost Saturday night.

I'm really excited to have shared my music taste with the Playa, and even though I didn't spend much time with my art, I saw people using it, and as I was breaking down a number of people thanked me for the alternative energy musical alternative.

Instead I watched many of my friends burn themselves out working, despite me warning them to give up and go see Burning Man.

But I went out, saw things, danced and explored, mostly alone, and it was good.
There were times when I was incredibly sad and lonely, but my first 3 years at BM that's how it was through most of it...

Even Last year even though Sarah was there with me I worked the WHOLE time from early access weds though Thursday before the burn at 11pm... Sucked into other people's projects and forced to abandon my own.

Somehow I didn't manage to do a few of my favorite things at Burning Man, due to chasing cuddles... but I learned a lot about not wasting my time & happiness waiting for other people.

By thursday I had given up finding someone to share BM with... which made the whole thing much less disappointing and let me really connect with Burning Man. Saturday Night, I reconnected with some of my good friends and past adventure buddies, after trying to adventure with people who had different styles/desires, and it was excellent.

I took my pilgrimage to the temple late Saturday night... it's always really emotional for me to see all the people letting go... but at the same time it's amazing and beautiful to see how much heart people put into the Temple and the tributes there...

Sunday, the temple burn was... really perfect, despite me missing the beginning due to waiting for someone (didn't I say I wasn't going to do that? oops.).

Perhaps 35,000 people still there sunday night... and you know what?

They all knew to shut their music off and pretty much be quiet... out of respect for the temple, and all that people had to let go of.

35,000 people, spontaneously quiet and respectful of each other...
Without signs... yelling... I don't even think it's in the survival guide...

Seriously Beautiful.

And the vibe at the Temple Burn somehow manages to be somber yet still joyful and hopeful... accepting the inevitable end of each of us and celebrating what we can do, as our 2 week old city starts to unravel.

I had a really great interaction with a burner called, I think "Searching"... we talked for a few about our burn and fire spinning and steel wool spinning... and not 30 seconds later a spinner lights up steel wool on the Esplanade 50 feet from us, and goes at it with steel wool...

Some people might take that as a sign from god, but for me it's proof positive that WE are in charge.
We can manifest and make it happen... it felt really good.
"Playa Magic", as they say.

After the Temple burn was more of a Party than I remember in past years... Hookahdome was pretty much last man standing... but they threw an AMAZING party with great music, topped off by a Thievery Corporation performance. Conveniently they were about a block from where I was camped (3+esp), so even though I was too tired to dance for their whole set, I got to listen as I went to sleep.

It was so good that I was dancing and crying... appreciating Black Rock City, all it's beauty and how much work was put in to make it happen.

Hard as it was to leave (and deal with the flakyness of my ride and trying to get to my Flight in SF on time today)... Coming over the Bay Bridge and seeing San Fran, I felt home again.

It's sad that there are so many people in Boston that I love, but I will never be happy here.
The scale of what I want to do is to big for a city with so many sticks up it's ass...
The mooninite adventure was like MA telling me that they don't want my creativity, cause even though all I did was put those simple LEDs up, they called me a terrorist and wanted to hurt me.

I have much bigger and more wonderful plans, and Boston just ain't the place for me to do it :/

But that's still off a year or so in the future, and I'll come visit, so don't worry too much :)
It's not like anybody aside from my loftmates and Firefly sees me anyways!

So, yeah... it really was home, despite the huge and important missing pieces...

Where people respect each other and come from all over the world to share the best they have to offer, in Black Rock City...Born of San Francisco and more and more I see the commonalities.

So yeah that's what's up with me!

Next year, I will have an Alternative Energy Art Car, which I will ride with my lovely Girlfriend and play music and lights for the Citizens of BRC and beyond.

Thank you to all from Boston who have been part of my life at BM, from my beginnings with Rob at Sublimination in IGS, Autosub and all the years in container camp...

Next year I'll move out of the "Arse of the Esplanade" to a back street, but I'll be mobile and rocking out so it doesn't matter :)

I left BRC this year very sad to go, but also somehow satisfied...

Finding some new kind of therapy where being in an undeniably awesome place helped me more clearly see the less awesome things in myself...

And hey if you don't work the whole time it's way better for you and those you love... maybe even the whole world.

Current mood: satisfied

Monday, July 27, 2009

8:20PM - lets see how many times each of you sees this

Just booked flight to SF for BM2009.

wasn't gonna go but I think I've learned a lot in the past year or so and can maybe interact with people.

should be much easier, not being part of major projects...


I've been exploring Facebook/twitter more but I'm still here... :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

10:37PM - trending up/update

Things are doing much better I think...

Starting to recover from too much stress for too long, and re-emerge socially a bit...

Apologies if you've tried to get in contact in the last weeks or month and haven't heard back, I'm starting to catch up with things now.

I keep having this tendency to take on more responsibility for things I feel are important to get done...
But I feel like I've gotten a bit better at balancing it with something like sanity.

Also a few of my loftmates are shifting about 60 feet each, and this I think will lead to massive happiness increases for everyone involved.

I've got a few major projects under way, as well as being on the Firefly Board, but I'm FINALLY learning to delegate... it's nice to have so many people I really trust around.

My Girlfriend

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<ljuser="cybercrunchies">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Things are doing much better I think...

Starting to recover from too much stress for too long, and re-emerge socially a bit...

Apologies if you've tried to get in contact in the last weeks or month and haven't heard back, I'm starting to catch up with things now.

I keep having this tendency to take on more responsibility for things I feel are important to get done...
But I feel like I've gotten a bit better at balancing it with something like sanity.

Also a few of my loftmates are shifting about 60 feet each, and this I think will lead to massive happiness increases for everyone involved.

I've got a few major projects under way, as well as being on the Firefly Board, but I'm FINALLY learning to delegate... it's nice to have so many people I really trust around.

My Girlfriend <ljuser="cybercrunchies"> continues to be incredibly amazing and lots of fun to explore the world with, whatever the adventure may be.

Anyways, just wanted to send out an update here... I've been twittering a fair bit (iseanstevens), but it's more in the moment type stuff, or other geeky randomness, so even if you follow that you may not actually know how I'm doing.

now you do :)

Things are starting to line up a bit more, and I've gained a lot of focus (though I'm paradoxically doing more of everything all at once) and I'm starting to learn to say "no" to people, and get a better sense for which people are "toxic" to work for/with/around...

Which is good as I've done a lot of bearing the brunt of other people's questionable decisions etc of late... And I'm sort of done doing that... Turns out it's not very helpful to me!

Anyways, I'm still here...

I do still keep pretty up to date on reading LJ, but as usual I don't comment that much.

Thanks for sharing your lives with me. ttys.

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